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eTIC promotes dialogue and negotiation at all levels in order to implement innovative and winning solutions for all, with the human being at the heart of the projects. eTIC is involved in all the subjects that concern it.


European Sectoral Social Partner active in the European Social Dialogue, one of the pillars of Social Europe. Institutional contacts at all levels. Collaboration on European projects with European social actors and partners acting with the same goals and values.


Exchanges of good practices and point of view to better deal with and monitor European and international issues impacting its proper country. Promotion of dialogue and negotiation at all levels for the implementation of win-win solutions and innovations, with Human at the heart.


Interactions with our colleagues from all over the world.
Since 2016, carries the voice of the International Confederation of Cadres (CIC), in a speech at the ILO_UN in Geneva, during the International Labor Conferences.


Stakeholder in many "European or international works councils".

European social dialogue européen

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for social dialogue and collective bargaining in order to effectively implement the Recovery Plan for Europe and increase the resilience of Member States in times of economic crisis.


According to the TFEU Treaty, the Commission must consult the European social partners before taking any action in the social policy field. With their "on the ground" experience of the economy and the labour market, they are better able to identify the most appropriate solutions to economic and social challenges. They actively contribute to the definition of European policy in the social and employment field.


A fundamental element of the EU social model, European social dialogue encompasses the discussions, negotiations and joint actions carried out by the 6 European social partners (ETUC, CEC, Eurocadres and Business Europe, CEEP and UEAPME).

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